Gymnázium Komenského; Trebišov, Slovakia (2021—2022)
English Language & American Culture (30 biweekly lessons)

University of North Texas, Department of English (2015—2021)
Introduction to Creative Writing (1 section)
Intermediate Creative Writing: Poetry (4 sections)
Contemporary American Poetry: 1980-Present (1 section)
World Literatures: Antiquity-1700 (1 section)
World Literatures: 1700-Present (1 section)
American Literature: 1870-Present (2 sections)
First-Year Writing I (2 sections)
First-Year Writing II (1 section)
Yeats & Beckett (1 section; T. A.)

Johns Hopkins University, Writing Seminars (2012-2015)
Introduction to Fiction and Poetry I (4 sections)
Introduction to Fiction and Poetry II (4 sections)
The Confessional Poets: Plath, Sexton, Berryman, Lowell (1 section)
Poetry Breaking the Rules (1 section)

Calhoun Middle School (2019-2020)
Multi-Genre Creative Writing (UNT Writers in the Schools)


The Southern Review: “Dear Reader,” “Progress Report,” “Isle of the Blessed” (forthcoming)
Washington Square: “Exit Strategy” (forthcoming)
Missouri Review
: “Early Sunday Morning” (August 2021)
: “Westerly,” “After the Festival” (Winter 2020)
The Hopkins Review: “The Stacks,” “The New Science” (Summer 2020)
Subtropics: “Rare Snow in Rome” (Spring/Summer 2020)
Quarterly West: “Improvisation in an Alpine Field,” “Improvisation Containing Trace Elements,” “Landscape” (February 2020) 
Copper Nickel
: “Improvisation on Federal Hill” (Fall 2019)
Los Angeles Review of Books: “From West Texas” (April 2019)
Gettysburg Review
: “The View from Here” (Summer 2018)
Massachusetts Review: “Urban Menagerie” (Fall 2017)
AGNI: “Elegy for My Brother in the Wilderness” (Spring 2017)
KERA Art&Seek: “Republic” (May 2017)
New South: “The Problem” (November 2016)
Greensboro Review: “Improvisation on Candy Cane Stilts” (Fall 2016)
Minnesota Review: “On Justice” (November 2016)
Columbia Journal: “Pageantry,” “Viewfinder” (June 2016)
Tin House Online: “Improvisation without Accompaniment” (April 2016)
Crazyhorse: “Loomings No Longer” (Spring 2016)
Copper Nickel: “Ars Poetica with Watermark” (Spring 2016)
Harvard Review: “The Expedition” (Fall 2015)
Ninth Letter: “The Idea,” “All Honeycombed, the Ground” (Fall/Winter 2015-16)
Mid-American Review: “Pale Annual” (Fall 2015)
Thrush Poetry Journal: “Reflections on a Visit to Los Angeles” (November 2015)
Poetry Northwest: “We Fell Asleep at the Tuesday Matinee” (Summer/Fall 2015)
Nashville Review: “The Good Life” (Summer 2015)
Gulf Coast: “Not the Wind, Not the View” (Summer 2015)
Indiana Review
: “Pinwheel Floating on Water” (Summer 2015)
The Adroit Journal
: “And the Mountains Grew Sirens” (Summer 2015)
Fifth Wednesday
: “One Way of Doing Things,” “Small Talk at the Arboretum” (Spring 2015)
Forklift, Ohio
: “Snow Day,” “Oswald’s Ghost Addresses the Warren Commission” (Spring 2015)
Sycamore Review
: “Windfall” (Spring 2015)
diode: “I Wanted to Imagine Horses,” “Fever Dream,” “Overture” (Spring 2015)
Barn Owl Review: “Welcome to North Fork” (April 2015)
Drunken Boat: “Wintering” (April 2015)
Linebreak: “Sonnet with Angels Watching Soccer” (March 2015)
Cimarron Review: “Vantage Point” (Fall 2014)
Day One: “The Ambassador” (October 2014)
Fugue: “Elegy,” “In the Valley, the Reservoir” (Summer/Fall 2014)
Carolina Quarterly: “Anachronistic Elegy,” “Lullaby” (Summer 2014)
American Literary Review: “Wavelength” (Fall 2014)
Bellevue Literary Review: “History” (Fall 2014)
West Branch: “To Whoever Broke into My Car” (Fall 2014)
Ninth Letter Web Edition: “The Tourist” (Summer 2014)
Cincinnati Review: “Ghost Town” (Summer 2014)
Parcel: “To Sadness” (Spring 2014)
Puerto del Sol: “Fair Day Fantasia” (Spring 2014)
Salamander: “Fermata” (Spring/Summer 2014)
Devil’s Lake: “Spring Bulletin” (Spring 2014)
Quarterly West: “Epilogue” (Spring/Summer 2014)
Meridian: “Go Long,” “Two Modes” (May 2014)
The Journal: “There and Back Ode” (Spring 2014)
Redivider: “Lament at Gettysburg” (Spring 2014)
Subtropics: “Today’s Forecast,” “Composition in Red” (Winter/Spring 2014)
The Collagist: “What’s That You Said?” (April 2014)
Colorado Review: “Telltale” (Spring 2014)
Cream City Review: “Vardaman” (Fall 2013/Winter 2014)
New Ohio Review: “At the Precise Moment of Your Awakening” (Spring 2014)
Weave Magazine: “Jamais Vu” (January 2014)
The Paris-American: “Dream,” “Because” (January 2014)
Tar River Poetry: “Live Oak on Fire,” “Flame Maple”  (Fall 2013)
Hayden’s Ferry Review: “Nocturne” (Fall/Winter 2013)
32 Poems: “Riches Ready” (Fall/Winter 2013)
diode: “Parable,” “Cause of Death” (Fall 2013)
New Orleans Review: “Dialectic” (October 2013)
Bateau: “Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow” (Fall 2011)
Washington Square: “Still Life of Hummingbird” (Summer/Fall 2011)