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Creative Writing Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts
Faculty Senate University Writing Award for Poetry, University of North Texas
Mary Patchell Scholarship, University of North Texas
Rusty Duncan Scholarship, University of North Texas
Best New Poets Nominee, Harvard Review
Best New Poets Nominee, University of North Texas

Carol Houck Smith Scholarship in Poetry, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference
Best New Poets Nominee, Crazyhorse
Elizabeth Lomax Memorial Presidential Scholarship, University of North Texas

Robert B. Toulouse Fellowship, University of North Texas
Finalist, Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing Fellowship
Best New Poets Nominee, Carolina Quarterly

Sycamore Review Wabash Prize for Poetry, selected by Bob Hicok
Work-study Scholarship in Poetry, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference
John Hollander Scholarship in Poetry, Sewanee Writers’ Conference
Pushcart Prize Nominee, Devil’s Lake
Best of the Net Nominee, Devil’s Lake
Best New Poets Nominee, The Paris-American
Best New Poets
Nominee, Subtropics
Denis Family Curatorial Fellowship in Special Collections, Johns Hopkins University
Archives Fellowship, Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University

Finalist, Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship, Poetry Foundation
Finalist, 30 Below Contest, Narrative
M.A./M.F.A./Ph.D. Scholarship, Sewanee Writers’ Conference

Owen Scholars Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University

Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of Texas
Janet Guthrie Andrews Endowed Presidential Scholarship in English, The University of Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin K. Collie Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Humanities, The University of Texas